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Lancaster County Vending

It takes a dedicated hard-working team to make a vending company successful.  Each of our machines is as wonderful as it is only because each and every one of our staff members is dedicated, responsible, and 100% committed to making each machine its best. From inventory counts and data tracking of every coil to custom restocking of each machine plus trouble-shooting software and mechanical issues, it’s a task that only a well-oiled caring team will do well.

When on restock routes, our staff has been welcomed with resounding cheers and been compared to Santa Claus. We’ve been called the friendliest happiest vending company on the planet.  That’s music to our ears and it makes it all worth it. We love what we do and it shows!

If you are interested in receiving more information or would like us to meet at your location for an onsite inspection to see how one of our vending machines could make your business better, please fill out our form or call us directly at (717) 618-9881.

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Lancaster County Vending & the Vintage Candy Shop are both owned and operated by Beech Tree Trading.

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