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Vintage Candy & Lancaster County Vending

Vintage Candy Vending and Lancaster County Snacks is owned and operated by Beech Tree Trading, founded by Christine Gable. Our main warehouse and office operations are based in our hometown of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. We also operate in Sumter, South Carolina. Each of our vending machines is stocked and managed by independent operators, running their own small business in partnership with us.

Christine’s love of penny candy started as a child when she visited the local farm store with her mom. Those shelves of penny candy arranged at child height – where she decided how to spend her coins – were the highlight of her day. Since the age of 16 when she had her first car waxing business, Christine has learned the ins-and-outs (and ups-and-downs) of entrepreneurship.

As she was researching the history of vintage candies and local snacks to stock, Christine learned that many of the companies have intriguing stories to tell. That’s why she created the fun trivia card in each decade box (in Machine #1). Christine is passionate about supporting and creating successful small businesses, the backbone of our country’s economy.

If you are interested in receiving more information or would like us to visit your facility, please fill out our form or call us directly at (717) 618-9881.

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